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These shows are currently postponed, but as soon as we are able to get back into the studio they will definitely go ahead.

Postponement notices.

Friday 8th January 2021.

Dear friends.

I am absolutely gutted to write this, but I’m afraid I’m going to have to postpone the ‘At Home With The Custodian’ live-streamed show tomorrow night, Saturday 9th January.

Given the latest lockdown in England, announced on Monday evening, and the increased spread of the virus I’m just not feeling confident enough to go ahead with the show this weekend.

As many of you are aware the plan was for me to travel to Mockingbird Studios in Stourbridge and do the show from there. Whilst recording studios are still permitted to carry on with their business during this latest lockdown it was going to take six of us, including myself, to put the show on. And I’m not entirely convinced that we would be able to maintain social distancing throughout.

Since March last year I have adhered to all of the government guidelines, regarding the spread of the virus, primarily because I have been extremely concerned about the risk to my parents, who are both 80 years old now. We live near each other and whilst they currently enjoy good health it worries me that if they did need me to help them with anything this month then I would not be able to assist them in good conscience if I went ahead with the shows.

Please accept my sincerest apologies, I don’t think any of us imagined we would be as deep into this mess as we currently are at this point in time.

I have every intention of these live-streamed shows still going ahead, but at a time that feels somewhat safer for all concerned. Hopefully, in the none too distant future. I shall keep you all updated as and when I can.

A refund will of course be made available to any of you that would prefer not to wait. Go here for a refund:

I will, however, still play a live set on Saturday night at 8pm, but from the comfort and safety of my own living room and via The Wonder Stuff’s official Facebook page. This will of course be free to all.

Thanks for understanding, be well and try not to be part of the problem.

Miles Hunt. 

Friday 15th January 2021

Hello again friends.

As you will already be aware I decided to postpone last Saturday’s ‘At Home With The Custodian’ live stream from Mockingbird Studio in Stourbridge and I am once again gutted to inform you that the following three shows, scheduled for 16th, 23rd & 30th of this month, are also to be postponed.

The truth is I just don’t see the circumstances concerning the Covid virus improving during the coming weeks and therefore I don’t have the confidence to go ahead with the shows feeling that everyone involved would be adequately protected. And no one is more disappointed than I.

The shows will definitely go ahead at some point in the near future but realistically I don’t expect that to be before March.

Once again, for those of you who would prefer not to wait for the rescheduled dates you can get your refund here:


In addition to offering you my sincerest apologies may I please extend a heartfelt thank you to everyone that joined me during the Facebook Live show I did last Saturday from my home, it proved to be just the lift I needed. And from what I read in the comments section it was the lift many of you needed too. I cannot thank you all enough.

So… as soon as matters improve I’ll be back on track and ready to bust out some tunes for you. In the meantime, stay safe, keep your peckers up and try you best not to be part of the problem.

Much love…

Miles Hunt.